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About adult learning in the Netherlands, policy and practice
Here you find updated information about the Dutch situation:

Winners International Award 2011 in The Netherlands: EDAM and VOLUE


Qualities and qualification of the adult learning professionals in the Netherlands

dr. T. van Dellen and L. Greveling, MsC

Like in most other European countries, in the Netherlands there is not something like an „adult learning profession? (Bron and Jarvis, 2008). Despite the non-existence of the profession there are many adult learning professionals in the Netherlands.

In the Netherlands adult learning professionals are mainly working in the following four contexts:

? educational institutions providing

formal adult education in basic, general, and vocational competences up to the secondary level (the broad Regional Educational Centers (ROC´s), or otherwise institutions providing education in only one vocation);

? labour market education programs provided by higher vocational and academic institutions up to certified, skilled or professional level (

formal adult education at the tertiary level);

? popular adult education institutions offering

non-formal adult education (some examples are Senior Web, adult education center and Association in the public interest);

? corporate and function- or work-related

non-formal training and development in companies, firms, organizations and public institutions.

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