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Learning Heart - the educational role of community centres, 2009-2011

Summary of this Learning Partnership

Community centres reflect the challenges of a continuously changing rural landscape and are essential cornerstones of rural communities. They play a key role in maintaining a stimulating learning environment in the rural area, as in many regions they are one of the few facilities and meeting points.
These venues have different names: village halls, kulturhus, etc. Besides a broad range of other activities, these centres offer or facilitate non-formal and formal education: basic skills, entrepeneurship, courses for elderly people, training for local organisations and volunteers, etc.
In Learning Heart partners focus on the educational role of community centres in order to build up or strengthen this role for the whole community, especially responding to the needs of the low-skilled population, volunteers and groups that find traditional education venues a barrier to learning. 
Partners arrange study visits, exchange good practices and do practical research on several topics: conditions for optimizing education in rural areas, new educational concepts, quality assurance, rural networks for education and participation. In each country learners are involved in the discussions. Every partner involves a second circle of organisations around this project. The aim of Learning Heart is to strengthen the educational role of the community centres.
The project includes several discussion rounds which take place during the international project meetings:

-       Project planning (Balatonszepezd – Hungary, 2009)

-       New educational concepts. Reaching marginalized groups (Wales - UK, 2010)

-       Rural networks for education and participation. Conditions for optimizing educational role community centres (Patras - Greece, 2010)

-       Training of volunteers. Involvement of learners in learning agenda (Norfolk - UK, 2010)

-       Quality assurance. The role of national and regional support organisations (Denmark, 2011)

-       Dissemination and evaluation (Harlingen - The Netherlands, 2011)
A summary of the project is availble to download here
Here you have the entrance to the Learning Heart Wiki Site, with documents of the meetings.
Learning Heart partners
Aberystwyth University (United Kingdom)
Norfolk Rural Community Council  (United Kingdom)
Danske Forsamlingshuse  (Danmark)
Dafni Kentro Epaggelmatikis Katartisis  (Greece)                                                                                   
Hungarian Folk High School Society (Hungary)
Stichting voor Volkshogeschoolwerk / LEARN FOR LIFE  (The Netherlands)
Stichting Doarpswurk  (The Netherlands)


Contact: Klaas Bijleveld, fam.kl.bijleveld@hetnet.nl

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